3. Build a World-Class, Integrated and Statewide Transit System 

The strength of any economy is in the number and quality of its connections. That reality is especially evident when it comes to transportation. World-class transportation would give all Marylanders the freedom to experience everything the state has to offer. That’s why Peter Franchot will build a world-class, integrated, and statewide transit system while he’s governor. 


The Franchot administration will seek to invest in areas of the state that do not currently have high quality public transportation, especially high quality rail. In the Baltimore region, for example, only 9% of jobs are accessible by public transit in an hour or less, and the system needs a generation’s worth of sustained investment to catch up to its East Coast peers. Better connections between our state’s two largest economic centers, Baltimore and the Washington region, will lead to greater economic growth. We need more investment in WMATA, and new mass transportation options in places like Frederick, as well as Western Maryland, Southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore, to unify our state with world-class transit. This will provide greater access for employers to regional talent pools, while providing a parity of public infrastructure in areas of the state that are underserved, giving them access to the services they deserve. 


To achieve this, the Franchot administration will invest in a world-class and comprehensive transit system, including: 


  • In Baltimore, the Franchot administration will break ground on a transformational East-West mass transit line, while ensuring it is part of systemwide improvements that improve transit service for everyone in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region.

  • In the I-270 corridor, the Franchot administration will explore innovative new connections between Frederick and the Washington region including monorail and a WMATA line that runs adjacent to the new American Legion Bridge.

  • The Franchot administration will bring Baltimore and the Washington region closer together through upgrades to the MARC commuter train, as well as support for transit-oriented development (TOD) and connections at key commuter hubs. 

  • The Franchot administration will ensure that the Purple Line light rail is completed, while improving suburban transit service, including WMATA and local transit services.

  • The Franchot administration will explore new rail and mass transit connections for Western Maryland, Southern Maryland, and the Eastern Shore to ensure every community has access to the full range of Maryland’s opportunities and services. 


Maryland’s economy is poised to lead in the 21st century, but until world-class transit reaches every corner of the state, we lack a key driver for that economic growth and a means through which all communities can benefit from it.