Tax Fairness


Peter knows that Marylanders work hard for their money. He works to ensure everyone pays their fair share of taxes and wants a level playing field for Maryland taxpayers and businesses.  That’s why he’s cracking down on tax cheats and making sure that out-of-state corporations play by the same rules as Maryland companies.


As Comptroller, Peter’s top priority is to reward the vast majority of taxpayers who do the right thing by making the filing process as easy and efficient as possible, while aggressively collecting from tax cheats. By introducing new initiatives and investing in advanced technology, Peter’s agency has been able to capture more than $5.5 billion in delinquent taxes over the past 10 years – money that the Governor and General Assembly have been able to reinvest in schools, the Chesapeake Bay and our public safety needs. His state-of-the-art Data Warehouse has identified and collected more than $427 million in delinquent tax payments.

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