Featured Posts Franchot presents Schaefer Award to Talbot Paramedic Foundation

ANNAPOLIS — Comptroller Peter Franchot Thursday, Sept. 10, virtually presented a William Donald Schaefer Helping People Award to the Talbot Paramedic Foundation. President Wayne Dyott accepted on behalf of the nonprofit organization that has raised awareness and provided life-saving training to first responders and county residents for more than 30 years.

The Talbot Paramedic Foundation was created by a small group of volunteers in conjunction with the Easton Volunteer Fire Department to successfully establish Advanced Life Support services throughout Talbot County.

“Their work over the years has saved countless lives through increased awareness and raising funds and developing life saving programs and improving training and encouraging paramedic professionalism,” Franchot said.

The Foundation has worked tirelessly to educate citizens, improve paramedic training and acquire life-saving equipment like automatic external defibrillators, embodying the principles held dear by William Donald Schaefer, the late Baltimore mayor, Maryland governor and comptroller, Franchot said.

Foundation volunteers partner with local businesses, nonprofits and governmental organizations to build programs like Operation Save Heart, which provided 75 automated external defibrillators to be installed in police and sheriff’s cars, schools, golf courses, small business and all county facilities. Since then, some 1,400 people have trained to use the AEDs.

Other programs sponsored by the Foundation include Operation Safe Home and the Freezer Pack Program, which helps Talbot residents prepare for and prevent a life-or-death emergency.

Talbot Paramedic Foundation volunteers have a “desire to make the people living around them better and healthier,” Franchot said.

Dyott accepted the award, calling the Foundation “small but mighty.” He said it is able to accomplish all it does through its partnerships, such as those with the fire department, emergency services and the county council.

“Saving lives in our community is our sole mission of this foundation,” Dyott said.

Talbot Emergency Services Director Clay Stamp said, “Because of the work of the Talbot Paramedic Foundation and its partners lives have been and will continue to be saved here in Talbot County.”

Since 2012, Franchot has annually traveled to each of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions to honor an individual or organization serving their community. This year, all Schaefer Award presentations will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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