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WCBC: Maryland Tax Processing Season Now Underway

Comptroller Peter Franchot said his team of professionals will begin processing personal income tax returns today for Tax Year 2019 which coincides with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) start date. Business tax returns have been accepted for processing since January 7.

“My top priority is to make sure claims are processed promptly and refunds are returned to taxpayers as quickly as possible,” Mr. Franchot said. “My agency has a long-standing reputation as a national leader in efficiently getting taxpayers’ hard-earned money back into their hands. We expect this to be another successful tax season.”

Last year, the Comptroller’s Office processed approximately 3.2 million individual state tax returns with refunds to taxpayers totaling more than $2.8 billion. As in previous years, the Comptroller’s Office will not immediately process a state tax return if W-2 information is not on file with the agency. Employers are required to report wage information to the Comptroller on or before January 31.

The filing deadline for 2019 tax returns is Monday, April 15, 2020.

Taxpayers are encouraged to file their returns electronically for the fastest possible processing and to ensure they receive all eligible refunds. A list of approved vendors for use in filing your electronic return can be found at

Free state tax assistance is available at all of the agency’s 12 taxpayer service offices, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A list of office locations can be found at

For more information on any tax-related matter, please visit the Comptroller’s website at or call 1-800-MD-TAXES (1-800-638-2937) or 410-260-7980 in Central Maryland.

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