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WJZ 13 CBS: Post-Labor Day School Start Adds Millions To Economy, Study Says

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — The State Comptroller’s Office released a new study Thursday that they said shows that starting schools after Labor Day is good for the local economy.

The study was conducted by Salisbury University’s Business Economic and Community Outreach Network. It found that having an additional six days of summer has about $58 million in economic impact.

Furthermore, an additional 12 days adds up to $115 million dollars, depending on when Labor Day falls.

“This is money on the table, this is money that is coming back into Maryland, in the form of tax revenue, in terms of wages, in terms of economic expansion,” Maryland Comptroller Chief of Staff Len Foxwell said.

The debate over when to start school has ongoing since Gov. Hogan issued an executive order in 2016 mandating that schools begin after Labor Day.

The Maryland General Assembly, however, overrode the executive order in March. Now, it’s up to the school boards can decide when to start the academic year.

Cindy Saxton, with the Teacher’s Association of Baltimore County, said that teachers support both start dates.

“There are teachers that want school to start after Labor Day, there are probably just as many teachers that want school to start before Labor Day,” she said. “I could certainly argue the pros and cons of both of those.”

Parents in Perry Hall said they prefer to start schools after Labor Day.

“Me personally, it’s better to start after Labor Day, all the activities of rec, all the activities of school start after Labor Fay. Start school after Labor Day,” one parent said.

The decision as to when to start school will fall on local school boards and governments who ultimately have to decide what’s best for the schools and local communities across the state.

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