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Times Record: Franchot honors Nich's Coffee Shop owner

DENTON — Comptroller Peter Franchot honored Nich’s Coffee Shop owner Melanie Koski Thursday, Feb. 28, by presenting the Denton business owner with a proclamation to celebrate her first anniversary.

Local officials and U.S. Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md.-1st., also joined Franchot for the visit.

“Congratulations for creating something special,” Franchot said. “People are eager to get together with each other. They can enjoy your food and products, and come together to connect rather than just stare at their phones. Thank you for having the instinct to do this. This is a great spot. Best wishes for continued growth, success and prosperity.

“Thank you for serving Rise Up Coffee,” he said. “I personally have bought more Rise Up Coffee than anyone else. We love it in our household.”

The family owned business opened in February 2018 at 5 North 3rd Street, on the corner of Market Street downtown across from the public parking lot. Koski runs the coffee shop with her sons, Chase and Nick. Nich’s serves Rise Up Coffee, a variety of local pastries, and is a place for people to view artwork, listen to vinyl records, play board games and listen to live music.

“It makes me feel fulfilled inside to give people a place they can come and spend time with others,” Koski said. “I wanted to do something to help people connect. I get to see it each day when people come in here to meet with others. It really makes me happy to have a place for people to connect.

“Like with open mic night, there have been people who have come in by themselves, but then met others and now play music together with the people they met here,” Koski continued. “That makes me so happy. It makes me feel really supported on so many levels because so many came here to say good things about our place.”

The Caroline County’s Chamber of Commerce recently honored Koski with the Rising Stars award at the annual chamber banquet last month.

“Business is important, and small business is the backbone of the economy,” Harris said. “Employers, like you, make a difference in the community. Thank you for making a difference.”

Franchot’s Chief of Staff Len Foxwell is a regular at Nich’s when he comes to Denton.

“I stumbled across this place on a Saturday morning,” he said. “My daughter does volleyball here, and I was looking for a good place to get a cup of coffee, turn on the laptop and get some work done.

“I came across Nich’s, and the rest as they say is history,” he said. “I come here every Saturday morning now. It is a highlight of my week. It has amazing service and products. The artwork is very impressive.”

For more information about Nich’s Coffee Shop and events they host, find them on Facebook at www.face

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