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WBAL: Comptroller Franchot Details Impact Of Partial Federal Shutdown On Maryland

The Comptroller of Maryland is expressing frustration over the partial government shutdown reaching a fourth week.

Comptroller Peter Franchot has shared a Bureau of Revenue Estimates report that was released on Monday morning which shows the impact of the federal government shutdown on the State of Maryland.

As stated by Franchot’s release, the “analysis found that 172,000 Maryland federal workers are impacted by the shutdown. Specifically, every two weeks, they are not receiving more than $778 million in wages, and our state and local coffers are also being impacted — with a $57.5 million reduction in income tax revenue, and $2.1 million decrease in sales tax revenue.”

Franchot goes on to say that the shutdown “has not only been financially damaging for the thousands of hardworking federal employees impacted, but it continues to be an absolute embarrassment for the United States of America,” adding “it’s time for it to end, and it’s time for the federal government to be fully operational.”

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