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The Patch: Does Maryland Owe You Money In 2018: Find Out Here: The Maryland Comptroller's office

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Money that's rightfully yours could be sitting in government vaults but it's up to you to claim your loot. Each year the State of Maryland holds on to millions of dollars in unclaimed money that belongs to the public. Comptroller Peter Franchot says the money is held until it is claimed by the rightful owner or that person's heirs — and many people who have unclaimed cash don't realize it, whether it's money owed from pension funds, business refunds or other sources.

What does the state consider unclaimed property? Stocks, bonds, savings accounts, security deposits, contents of safe deposit boxes, insurance proceeds and other valuables which are reported to the state as unclaimed by banks and other financial institutions after three years. Real property is not included, according to Franchot's website.

The owners or their heirs can claim the money at any time. There is no statute of limitations. Simply search on the state comptroller's website with your first and last name. If you find the name you are searching for, print the claim form ST-912. Complete the form, be sure to indicate the claim number that appears with the account, include copies of any documentation, and submit everything to the Comptroller's Office at the address shown on the form.

If you have a question regarding unclaimed property, or need assistance, call the Comptroller of Maryland's Unclaimed Property Unit at 410-767-1700 in the Baltimore metro area, or 1-800-782-7383 nationwide, or e-mail the office at

Over the years, Franchot says his office has reunited over $1 billion in cash and items with their rightful owners.

For instructions on how to claim property found in your name, write down the claim number and go HERE.

The U.S. government lacks a central website to find unclaimed funds. To search for unclaimed money that may be lying in a different state's treasury, click here.

If you don't have money lying in the state treasury, the government also suggests checking for unclaimed funds from bank failures or unclaimed deposits from credit union closures. You could also check for unclaimed or undelivered tax refunds or a refund from an FHA-insured mortgage. Finally, you can check for unclaimed back wages, pension money or life insurance funds. Click here to find out how to search for these unclaimed funds.

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