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A Miner Detail: 2018: The winners and losers in Maryland politics

Comptroller Peter Franchot

The most popular elected Democrat in Maryland.

Repeat: The most popular elected Democrat in Maryland.

(Look up Franchot’s midterm vote totals. Of course, Washington County, my native home, just had to be one of the three outliers. Of course, Washington County, of course.)

The consummate disruptor of stodgy, machine-driven Annapolis politics has shown that bipartisanship wins. Bar none.

Maryland’s tax collector and small business promoter is an enigma for some partisans who operate within the framework of the Maryland establishment, especially those who run the Annapolis Machine; they’ll never get Franchot, and they’ll never seek to understand him.

The comptroller is precisely popular with Marylanders because he doesn’t buy into the same intellectually bankrupt Annapolis Machine that demands loyalty above all else and expects it in return – and, in most cases, doesn’t return it.

The far-left disdain, aimed at Franchot, who is and has always been a pragmatic progressive, has seemingly run its course.

Franchot dares to use bipartisanship in a complete sentence – an idea that many subscribers of the hard-left claim to champion and wish more of existed; but, of course, when the time comes to put up or shut up, their ideology and dogmatism disallow it.

The Annapolis Machine can try and strip Franchot of his powers, and it can even go so far as to kill legislation that reforms Maryland’s craft beer industry.

Good luck.

It won’t work; in fact, the more the Annapolis Machine seeks to torment Franchot into submission, the more popular he becomes with everyday Marylanders.

If there ever was a little guy up against an all-encroaching Goliath, that little guy is Peter Franchot in this epic battle, whom even the most conservative Republicans dub as “their favorite Democrat.”

Also, smart elected officials surround themselves with all-star teams.

Team Franchot has hired some of the most intellectually savvy gals and guys in state politics, young wonks of erudite understanding of policy, led by their inimitably cunning commander, Len Foxwell, the most talented Maryland political operator and strategist in decades.

A possible Franchot 2022 gubernatorial bid will remain a constant water cooler discussion amid politicos over the next four years. Whatever Franchot’s political future holds, the renegade Democrat’s mission remains the same: Advocate for the Maryland taxpayer.

Peter Franchot, like it or not, remains the most popular elected Democrat in Maryland.

That’s hard for the Annapolis Machine to swallow.

A tall ice-cold craft beer might help.

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