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Star Democrat: Franchot honors Talbot Interfaith Shelter

EASTON — State Comptroller Peter Franchot paid a visit to the Talbot Interfaith Shelter at Easton’s Promise on Thursday, Feb. 15, to honor it with a proclamation for its efforts in ending homelessness in Maryland. “I want to congratulate you all on this project on behalf of the state and to say thank you to the town of Easton,” Franchot said. “I am very pleased with strides you all have made.” Staff and board members of the Talbot Interfaith Shelter, representatives from Andy Harris’s office, Sen. Chris Van Hollen office, Easton Mayor Robert Willey, Easton Town Manager Donald Richardson and Talbot County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Al Silverstein attended the event. During the ceremony, residents of the shelter visited with Franchot and guests, and explained to them what it is like to live at Easton’s Promise. “It is great here,” said one resident. “We really like it here.” “There is no other place like this,” said another. “When you come here it is more like a home.” “We are very glad at the State of Maryland that Talbot County has a place like this,” Franchot said. “I know the state gave you all a little money for improvements, but you should come back and ask for more money.” “We will next year,” said Fran Doran, operations manager for TIS. “Never hurts to ask.” Franchot said the key is that the dollars are spent at frontline facilities like this one, because the impact is felt immediately. Following the ceremony, staff of the shelter gave Franchot and the others a tour of the facility. TIS is the only shelter in Talbot County that serves families; currently, it has 12 residents, including a 2-month-old baby. “The baby is doing well,” said Joyce Scharch, house manager for TIS. “The family is doing well, also. Mom and Dad will moving into their very own apartment soon. They have never had their own place before, and being here helped them to do that.” Recently, the shelter was awarded a $74,000 grant from 2018 Community Development Block Grant Program. The shelter plans to use the funding to close in a screen porch to create a private room for residents to meet with counselors. It also will add a wheelchair lift and wheelchair-accessible walkways, and make improvements to the first-floor bathrooms.

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