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Comptroller Peter Franchot

They just don’t get it – and they never will, so it seems.

As much as the intrepid Jake Weissmann, the formidable Alex...

A Miner Detail: The 2019 Annapolis Session Winners and Losers [EXCERPT]

April 12, 2019

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WBAL NewsRadio 1090: Franchot Frustrated That Heating, Cooling Still An Issue In City Schools

January 10, 2018

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Comptroller Peter Franchot said he finds it "embarrassing" and "frustrating" to still be talking about heating and cooling issues in Baltimore City schools.

This week, Gov. Larry Hogan gave $2.5 million in emergency discretionary funding for emergency repairs to heating systems in aging city schools. Baltimore City and Baltimore County are the only jurisdictions in the state where not all schools have air conditioning.

"But give 'em six months and then all of them ought to be fired if they don't have every classroom covered," Franchot told C4 by phone on Wednesday.

As lawmakers reported to Annapolis for the start of the General Assembly session, C4 also asked about Franchot's stance on Hogan's legislative priorities, including redistricting reform--which Franchot enthusiastically supports--and term limits, of which he's not such a big fan. The proposed constitutional amendment on term limits would only impact lawmakers, not the comptroller or attorney general.

"I've been in elected office for some time," the former state delegate said. "I happen to think there's some very good people. There are also some very bad people."

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