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Carroll County Times: Comptroller visits, gives proclamation in support of Carroll local business

For Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot, Thursday afternoon was filled with seeing what makes Carroll County the community it is — from the youth who give back to the corporations who create jobs to the local businesses that help hold the community together.

On the third and final stop of his Carroll County tour, Franchot took time to check out The Mill of Hampstead, a family-owned business with six locations throughout the state.

Franchot presented the business with a proclamation in recognition of its success in the community, something those at The Mill of Hampstead were thankful for.

Ashley Kincaid, the retail manager of the store, said they were honored to have the comptroller stop and visit with their store. He toured the location, even getting a chance to climb aboard a John Deere Sprayer and sit in the control seat of the large, hulking machine.

At The Mill of Hampstead, she said, they “do a little bit of everything.” The store has feed, agriculture supplies, lawn and garden supplies, items for household pets and more.

“We’re like one-stop shop,” she said.

Kincaid said The Mill’s been at its Hampstead location for about seven years, and has been in business for 11.

And in Carroll, they’ve grown, she said. They do most of the spraying and spreading of fertilizer in the region, she added.

It’s important to support local, family-owned businesses like The Mill, Kincaid said.

“Supporting local is just going to create more jobs and more opportunities for people,” she said.

And, there’s just something about everyone knowing everyone as they come into the store.

“You always just feel like somebody has your back,” Kincaid added.

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