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MyMCMedia: ‘Reform on Tap’ Task Force Comes to Silver Spring

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The beer was brewed in house. The conversation on Wednesday, however, was focused, in part, on Annapolis and what lawmakers would do for the state’s growing craft beer industry.

About 30 people showed up at Denizens Brewing Co. in Silver Spring to hear from Comptroller Peter Franchot and other officials about proposals for the 2018 General Assembly session to help craft breweries grow in Maryland.

During the 2017 General Assembly, legislation was offered meant to help smaller breweries sell more beer. The bill, however, ran headlong into lobbyists who opposed the measure.

As a result, Comptroller Peter Franchot formed a “Reform on Tap” task force, which has traveled the state talking to brewers, distributors and consumers in an effort to propose new legislation for 2018.

In his remarks, Franchot said he believes changes in the state’s beer laws will be the No. 1 issue in the 2018 legislative session and the No. 1 issue during the 2018 elections.

And finally, Franchot weighed in on whether grocery stores should sell beer and wine. He said he’s skeptical, but he also believes in free enterprise.

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