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Local DVM: Maryland's comptroller visits Middletown for 250th anniversary (VIDEO)

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MIDDLETOWN, Md. - Middletown, Md. is celebrating 250 years of being a community, and Maryland state officials stopped by and visited local businesses to celebrate.

The town was once held for ransom during the Civil War, and now, Middletown is celebrating it's 250th birthday.

"We've had a long history here, even going back to the French and Indian War, [and] Colonel Washington came through here with General Braddock," said John Miller, Burgess, Middletown.

To celebrate the town's rich history, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot visited as a special guest.

"For him, it’s an opportunity to visit businesses to see the vibrancy of our community [and] to see the economic redevelopment that’s going on," said Miller.

The comptroller sat down with several Frederick officials to discuss business and how to improve the town overall.

"I particularly like to visit the municipalities and visit some of the brick and mortar retail stores, because collectively, they make up about 70 percent of our employment and our economic activity,” said Franchot.

Franchot said small businesses are the backbone of the state's economy. He also called Middletown one of the most beautiful towns in America.

"Its got all this great history and culture associated with it. They also have some needs [in] highway user revenues, streetscapes and other things that the state and county can help the municipality with,” said Franchot.

Right now, the town is reconstructing its main street and installing a new waterline. Officials said it will take about two years to complete.

The towns burgess said they will commemorate the anniversary all year long. They will continue their celebration at Middletown’s Heritage Festival Sept. 30.

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