Featured Posts Comptroller Franchot visits Montgomery County craft brewers (VIDEO)

Comptroller Franchot visits Montgomery County craft brewers (VIDEO)

July 24, 2017

By Emilie Ikeda

Video available at

BROOKEVILLE, Md. - As Maryland's comptroller continues to advocate for craft brewers, he stopped at one in Montgomery County Monday to congratulate the business owners on their one-year anniversary.

Peter Franchot said while alcohol needs to be regulated, it should be done with a very “light hand.”

He wants the state to be more welcoming to the sector, because it can open a lot of jobs.

This past legislative session, District 14’s Senator Craig Zucker helped eliminate a law dictating what kind of food "beer farms" can serve.

Brookeville Beer Farm benefited from the change in legislation.

"I think Maryland can be a Mecca for this sector, and it will have an impact not just on beer lovers but also on new people moving here and the business reputation of the state,” said Peter Franchot, Comptroller of Maryland.

The recently instituted "Reform on Tap" Task Force will create recommendations to improve the craft brewing business across the state.

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