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WHAG: Comptroller Franchot honored by Frederick breweries (VIDEO)


Comptroller Franchot honored by Frederick breweries (VIDEO)

June 28, 2017

By Katie Misuraca

Video available at

FREDERICK, Md. - Maryland Comptroller, Peter Franchot, was honored in Frederick County, Md., on Wednesday. But, he was honored in a different type of way.

What if you had a beer named after you? Well, for Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot, he did not only have one beer, but two beers named after him.

On Wednesday, Monocacy Brewing Company, Brewer’s Alley, and Barley & Hops honored Comptroller Franchot for being a major supporter of the Maryland craft beer industry.

“This is just our way of saying thank you for everything that you do for us as an industry,” said, head brewer for Barley & Hops, Eric Gleason.

Comptroller Franchot also discussed the pass of House Bill 1283 that many breweries said is holding back the brewing industry, but Franchot had a different message to share.

“Now, we are fighting back. We have a task force,” said Franchot. “We are going to make good recommendations and make Maryland the number 1 state in the country for craft beers."

With names like 'Saison du Franchot' from Monocacy Brewing Company and 'Franchot Comes Alive', from Barley & Hops, both beers incorporate local ingredients.

“I used a rye melt from Keymar, Md., that is grown and malted in Frederick County,” said Daryl Eisenbarth. Eisenbarth is a brewer at Monocacy Brewing Company.

And the most important part about the night, the taste.

‘It is delicious because it is not to hoppy. It is perfect for the summer. I do not need to get any honorary degrees from colleges. This is fine for me,” concluded Franchot.

Comptroller Franchot also said that Frederick is becoming the beer capital for the state of Maryland.

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