1. Rebuild Trust in the Competence of State Government

Marylanders deserve bigger ideas and bolder action from their government. However, executing on those big ideas so they actually reap their intended benefits requires a more competent state government. Lately, despite best intentions, we have witnessed failures of Maryland’s planning, management, and execution of pandemic policies and programs to help our families and economy recover. 


In order to build faith in state government’s ability to achieve bold policy ideas and to ensure ongoing transparency and accountability, Peter Franchot will publicly audit the performance of all agencies; produce measurable, outcome-based goals for each agency; and publicly track agency performance against their established goals. 


As part of this process and to immediately build trust in government, the Franchot administration will deliver on three specific goals within the first six months of the first term:


  • Fill every pothole on state roads;

  • Clean all trash on state roads; and

  • Answer every Marylander’s call to state agencies within 60 seconds with a live, friendly, trained professional.


Under a Franchot administration, state government will be redefined to ensure all Marylanders receive responsive, respectful, and results-oriented service. He’s done exactly that during his four terms as Comptroller of Maryland. Under Franchot’s leadership, the Maryland Comptroller’s Office has become a national model of efficiency and customer service. Annually, the agency processes more than three million tax returns and disburses more than $3 billion in tax refunds in less than three business days- the fastest in the nation. In addition, the 1,100 employees of the Comptroller’s Office answer nearly 800,000 phone calls annually, with an average wait time of less than 60 seconds.


Most recently, the Maryland Comptroller’s Office was charged under the RELIEF Act with issuing stimulus payments to Marylanders. Within one week of the bill’s passage, the Comptroller’s Office disbursed 98% -- or nearly 415,000 payments. This Herculean effort was accomplished while the agency continued processing thousands of tax returns and refunds.  The Franchot administration will apply this effective management to all aspects of state government in order to improve outcomes and create the trust necessary to pursue a bold vision for the state.