15. Protect
and Expand Access to Abortion Care

Abortion rights are under attack. The overturning of Roe v. Wade means it’s more imperative than ever that Maryland’s elected officials take urgent action to protect and expand abortion access at the state level. 


As Maryland’s next Governor, Peter Franchot will ensure that Maryland will forever remain a state which protects a woman's right to an abortion. To that end, a Franchot administration will:


  1. Urge the legislature to pass the amendment bill enshrining the right to an abortion into the Maryland state constitution.

  2. Ensure that healthcare providers cover abortion care and related services.

  3. Ensure that undocumented Marylanders have access to safe, full care.


As Comptroller, Franchot has been a staunch and unapologetic pro-choice advocate. In 2021, he proudly joined activists at Lawyers Mall in Annapolis to rally for abortion rights. And earlier this year, he urged the Governor to immediately release $3.5 million restricted in the Fiscal Year 2023 operating budget to provide funding for abortion care training programs. The end of Roe will lead to the outlawing of abortion in 26 states, including nearby states like West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Franchot believes Maryland should be prepared to step up and provide these critical healthcare services to women who need them. 


A Franchot administration will not allow anti-abortion extremists to turn the clock back on progress in Maryland. Abortion is healthcare, and everyone deserves the right to choose.