A Bold Vision For Maryland's Future

Thursday, April 8, 2021


Dear Marylanders,


My heart goes out to the victims of the pandemic over the past year, especially the nearly 10,000 Marylanders who have died and the more than 463,000 Marylanders who have been infected, as well as the families who have shared in their struggle. My heart is also with the tens of thousands of small businesses that have permanently closed, and the hundreds of thousands of workers who are still suffering from the deepest economic recession their sectors have seen since the Great Depression. From seniors isolated in assisted living facilities, to children trying their best to succeed with remote learning, this pandemic has taken a toll. The first task before us is to begin the process of healing. 


I join Marylanders across the state in the hope that by the end of this summer the virus will be crushed and a robust recovery will be underway. We have suffered greatly as a state and as a nation because our leaders have confused wishful thinking and good intentions with good management and strategic leadership. As a result, millions of Marylanders experienced confusion, frustration, and anger over poor execution of our COVID-19 response. Far too often, the pandemic created needs that government did not rise to meet. You deserve better. 


My commitment is to work for you -- all of Maryland -- and to earn the job anew each day by delivering results you can see and feel. The following pledges are not empty campaign promises. They are my substantive commitments to the residents of Maryland. If I am fortunate enough to be your Governor in January 2023, my goal is to make Maryland the leading state in our nation, known by all as a bastion of economic and social fairness, as a state where all of its residents share in its prosperity.


My very best personal wishes to each of you,

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1. Rebuild Trust in the Competence of State Government


2. Create 100,000 Jobs in 100 Weeks in Industries of the Future



3. Build a World-Class, Integrated and Statewide Transit System


 4. Improve Educational Outcomes for All Marylanders


5. Make Maryland the First Net Zero State in the US and a Net Supplier of Renewable Energy


6. Make Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a Foundational Element of State Government 


7. Preserve

the State’s

Fiscal Strength


8. Finally Guarantee a Healthy Future for the Chesapeake Bay


9. Lower Health Care Costs and Expand Affordable Primary and Preventative Care


10. Achieve Public Safety by Strengthening Communities


11. Utilize Housing as a Vehicle for Wealth and Stability



12. Establish a Groundbreaking Statewide Mentorship Program that Targets One Million Mentorship Hours Annually


13. Achieve Statewide 5G and High Speed Broadband Access by 2026


14. Empower Voters in the Political Process


15. Protect and Expand Access to Abortion Care