The Washington Post: Maryland Democrats poised to reject part of Hogan’s budget cuts

Maryland Democrats are rallying to block a proposed pay cut for state workers, along with several other of Gov. Larry Hogan’s suggested budget reductions, as the state grapples with the economic fallout from the pandemic shutdown. Comptroller Peter Franchot (D), a frequent ally of Hogan (R), said Tuesday that he will not back roughly a third of the $672 million in spending the governor suggested the Board of Public Works immediately eliminate from the state’s $19.5 billion general fund. “We don’t have to do this right now,” Franchot said of cutting employee pay and other proposals he said would undermine the state’s safety net. “I’m not saying we can hold off everything, because the fiscal p

The Baltimore Sun: Franchot to reject more than $200M of Hogan’s proposed budget cuts, imperiling...

Maryland governor’s plan Gov. Larry Hogan’s proposal to cut $672 million from the upcoming state budget because of the economic crisis is imperiled because his two fellow members on the state Board of Public Works say they will reject a large chunk of the plan. State Treasurer Nancy Kopp, a Democrat, became the second board member Tuesday to question the suggestions of the Republican governor, who said the cuts are needed at the start of the fiscal year because of the dire economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. The proposed cuts include state employees’ raises, vacant positions and funding for programs ranging from school security to prosecuting violent crime in Baltimore. “Treas

Maryland Matters: Franchot Aims to Block Many Hogan Budget Cuts

One day before the Board of Public Works considers large cuts to the state budget, Maryland Comptroller Peter V.R. Franchot (D) is poised to dramatically block a large portion of Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr.’s plan to curb spending. The state’s four-term tax collector, who serves with Hogan (R) and Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp (D) on the panel, served notice on Monday that he will vote against 20 of the governor’s recommendations, totaling $205 million, according to a document obtained by Maryland Matters. Top Hogan aides, Department of Budget and Management officials and Kopp’s staff were briefed on the comptroller’s objections late Monday. Broadly, the cuts Franchot said he cannot support involve

The Washington Post: Maryland comptroller to oppose $205M in proposed budget cuts

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland’s comptroller plans to oppose about $205 million out of $672 million in budget cuts proposed by Gov. Larry Hogan in response to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the state’s budget, the comptroller’s spokeswoman said Tuesday. The board, which includes Comptroller Peter Franchot, Hogan and Treasurer Nancy Kopp, can cut up to 25% of the budget when the General Assembly is not in session. It is slated to take up the cuts at a meeting on Wednesday — the start of fiscal year 2021. Franchot and Kopp are Democrats, and Hogan is a Republican. Many of the spending reductions Franchot is opposing would affect state employees. For example, $33 million in state employee

The Baltimore Sun: Franchot to oppose some of Hogan’s $672 million in proposed budget cuts

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot plans to reject more than $205 million of Gov. Larry Hogan’s proposed budget cuts, including the elimination of a cost-of-living increase for state employees and reductions in the state’s contributions to workers’ health insurance and retirement plans. The Republican governor has proposed a $1.45 billion reduction in state spending for the next fiscal year to mitigate the disastrous economic effects of the coronavirus. That includes $672 million in cuts that the governor put on the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting of the state Board of Public Works. Hogan and Democrats Franchot and State Treasurer Nancy Kopp are its members. The proposed cuts include state e

The Baltimore Sun:Franchot wants Hogan to preside when Board of Public Works votes on Maryland...

Governor’s proposed budget cuts Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot, a Democrat, is requesting that Republican Gov. Larry Hogan return to his seat on the state’s spending board Wednesday when the panel considers Hogan’s proposals to cut $672 million from the upcoming state budget. The proposed cuts are subject to votes by the three-member state Board of Public Works, which has the authority to cut the budget. The board consists of the governor, the comptroller and state treasurer Nancy Kopp, a Democrat. For the past few months, Republican Lt. Gov Boyd Rutherford has filled in for Hogan while the governor focused on the coronavirus pandemic. The Hogan administration proposed $1.45 billion in

The Baltimore Sun:Maryland’s minimum wage increase likely to go forward, despite opposition from...

Business Groups Maryland’s next increase to the minimum wage, scheduled for Jan. 1, is likely to move forward as planned, despite efforts to put the brakes on it due to the coronavirus-fueled economic downturn. The state has the authority to put a one-year pause in the increases, as the minimum wage gradually rises to $15 per hour. But two of the three people charged with making that decision said Tuesday that the next wage increase needs to go forward — from the current $11 per hour to $11.75 at large companies and $11.60 at small companies. Pausing the wage increase would be “unjust to the lowest-wage workers in the economy and I think would also omit an opportunity to make a good move for

The Star Democrat: Letter to the Editor- Remove ‘Talbot Boys’

I’m sure most of your readers are familiar with the “Talbot Boys’ statue prominently situated in front of the Talbot County courthouse in Easton. I’m also sure that many, if not most, of your readers find it offensive. By “honoring” the Confederacy (it’s inscribed “To the Talbot Boys 1861-1865 C.S.A.”), it dishonors the United States. As a former civil rights volunteer who supported voting rights for black Americans in Mississippi, Maryland (Dorchester County), and Georgia, I encountered it some years ago. I’m pleased to learn that Peter Franchot, Maryland’s comptroller, has recently declared his opposition to this monument to racism and white supremacy and I support his campaign to have it

Capital Gazette/Baltimore SunMaryland to reimburse prison health care provider for coronavirus...

-Related expenses, estimated at $3M per month Maryland is set to begin reimbursing the company that provides health care to state prison inmates for coronavirus-related expenses, on top of its existing five-year, $680 million contract with the state. Corizon Correctional Healthcare had negotiated an emergency deal with state corrections officials to receive an additional $3.2 million per month related to the costs of managing and preventing cases of COVID-19, but the state Board of Public Works on Wednesday rejected that agreement and will require the company to instead document and seek reimbursement for itemized expenses tied to the pandemic. There have been 398 coronavirus cases and seven

PROTECT Week combats elder financial abuse: PROTECT Week combats elder financial abuse

MARYLAND — A virtual press conference announced the third annual PROTECT Week and included Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frost to combat financial abuse against elders. The coalition used Monday, which is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, to start PROTECT Week and spotlight the issue of financial exploitation within states across the country, including Maryland. PROTECT (Preventing Older Americans From Financial Exploitation) Week will provide resources to educate Marylanders on how to identify financial exploitation. The week is launched by Project SAFE (Stop Adult Financial Exploitation) and the PROTECT Week Statewide Public Education Campaign Coalition. The PROTECT Week coalition incl

Baltimore Sun: Scammers using pandemic to target elderly during the pandemic Commentary

Known as the “silent crime of the 21st Century,” elder financial abuse is an increasingly complex problem. Every year, thousands of cases of financial exploitation of older and vulnerable adults are reported in Maryland alone, and only about one in 44 cases is ever reported to authorities, according to the National Adult Protective Services Association. What’s worse: Every day, criminals become more sophisticated in their efforts to fleece seniors of their hard-earned money. The average victim of elder financial abuse loses upward of $120,000. In many ways, the COVID-19 health crisis has created a “perfect storm” for swindling. Consumers in the U.S. have lost millions to coronavirus-related

The Star Democrat: Outcry over Talbot Boys statue growing

EASTON — As protests over the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other victims of police brutality and Black Lives Matter rallies continue throughout the country, public concern over the Talbot Boys statue has grown louder and wider. The statue depicts a Confederate soldier in the Civil War carrying the Confederate flag. Its prominent presence in downtown Easton, and its presence on Talbot County courthouse grounds opposite a statue commemorating abolitionist Frederick Douglass, has long stirred up controversy. But it has come under increased fire in recent weeks, and Talbot County Council has taken notice. The Black Lives Matter rally in Easton on Saturday, June 6, concluded at the

WAMU: Maryland Leaders Renew Calls To Remove Confederate Memorials

Maryland leaders are again hoping to remove Confederate statues and memorials on public grounds in response to nationwide protests against police brutality and racism. Speaker of the House Adrienne Jones has asked the Maryland State House Trust board for a second time in the last year to remove a plaque that was placed in the capitol in the 1960s. Jones said the wording on the plaque inappropriately honors Confederate soldiers who fought to preserve slavery in the United States. The plaque reads, in part: “In commemorating the centennial of that great struggle between the citizens of the temporarily divided nation in the 1860s the Maryland Civil War Centennial Commission did not attempt to d

Delmarva Public Radio: MD Comptroller Calls for Removing Talbot Boys Statue (Part 2)

The Talbot Boys, a statue of a Confederate soldier has been controversial in recent years with efforts by some in the community to have it removed. Now, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot, who has announced his intention to run for governor, told Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush that he would like to see it removed.

Maryland Daily Record: Hogan announces indoor dining can resume Friday

Gov. Larry Hogan Wednesday announced a new wave of reopenings, with indoor dining and outdoor amusements allowed to resume some operations on Friday, and gyms, malls, casinos and arcades allowed to open at the end of next week. Maryland is easing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions even as more than a dozen other states have reported increases in hospitalizations. In some cases, the increases represent the largest numbers since the start of the pandemic. Maryland, however, is bucking those national trends. The changes announced by Hogan effectively move the state into the balance of phase two this week with additional openings meant for phase three coming a week later. “This virus is still out th

DELMARVA PUBLIC RADIO NEWS: MD Comptroller Speaks Out on George Floyd's Death and Protests (Part 1)

The large demonstrations that have gone on for more than two weeks now over the death of George Floyd who died after a white officer placed a knee on his neck. And, many political figures have joined those protest. Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot who has announced his intention to run for governor talked with Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush about his reaction to Floyd's death and movement that it has created.

Chestertown Spy: Franchot Joins Calls for ‘Talbot Boys’ Removal

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot wants the “Talbot Boys” statue honoring Confederate soldiers removed from the Talbot courthouse grounds. A peaceful Saturday protest in downtown Easton for racial justice and against police brutality against people of color included calls for the statue’s removal. Following the protest, demonstrators left their signs at the base of the monument. Franchot spoke Tuesday morning with The Spy to discuss his position on the statue’s removal. “The Talbot Boys Monument needs to be removed because it was not put up as a memorial to Marylanders who fought for the Confederacy, it was put up in 1916 at the height of the Jim Crow laws and it’s very clearly a message t

Fox 45 WBFF: Comptroller Franchot's New Tax Processing System Will Be Launched On July 6

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WBFF) - Comptroller Peter Franchot announced that the first phase of the agency’s new tax processing system, called "Compass," will launch on time on July 6. The $160 million Compass will upgrade the state’s tax processing system and integrate with the data warehouse to create a state-of-the-art program that will expand revenue-generating projects, provide enhanced reporting functionality and make it easier for taxpayers to view and manage their accounts online. "At a time when most businesses are facing extraordinary challenges, our agency is launching a much improved, easier-to-use reporting and payment system that will help business owners better navigate and manage this e

WMDT 47 ABC: Comptroller calls for statue to come down

EASTON, Md. – Some state leaders are calling for the Talbot Boys statue in Easton to come down. “I believe it’s a disgrace, and it’s in one of our state’s beautiful places. Talbot County – which I love, I go there often – Easton, St. Michael’s, Oxford. These wonderful towns are bustling with visitors every weekend,” said Comptroller Peter Franchot. Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot tells 47ABC that the statue standing in front of the Talbot County court house is propaganda romanticizing white supremacy. “I think people are confused about the Talbot Boys monument right outside the court house. This is not something meant as a memorial to Confederate soldiers in Talbot County right after the


State elections administrator Linda Lamone is one of the great survivors in Maryland political history. Ensconced in her perch since 1997, she has weathered crisis after crisis over the years. Think about the folks holding power when Lamone was first appointed: Governor Parris Glendening, Attorney General Joe Curran, Comptroller Louis Goldstein, Senate President Mike Miller and Speaker of the House Cas Taylor. All are long gone except for Miller, who is still in the Senate but has relinquished his post as president. And yet Lamone remains. It is time for state Democrats to bring that to an end. In light of everything that just happened in the primary, consider this. For Democrats, voting rig

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