6. Transportation

  • In Baltimore, the Franchot Administration will break ground on a transformational East-West mass transit line, while ensuring it is part of systemwide improvements that improve transit service for everyone in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region.

  • The Franchot Administration will ensure that the Purple Line light rail is completed, while improving suburban transit service, including WMATA and local transit services.

  • As Governor, my administration will support the expansion of the Green Line from Branch Avenue in Prince George’s County to Charles County to relieve traffic congestion on one of the main arteries into the District of Columbia. 

  • On all transportation projects, as well as other major infrastructure projects such as renewable energy and high speed internet, the Franchot Administration will require the use of Project Labor Agreements by issuing RFPs that include Project Labor Agreements in their language. These agreements will ensure local hiring that pays family-supporting wages, provides healthcare and retirement, and presents genuine paths to the middle class for countless Maryland residents.