2. Housing

  • Make addressing the ongoing effects of redlining a top priority for my administration. In collaboration with state-chartered community banks, local credit unions, and other community-focused lenders, my administration will seek to provide state-backed mortgage loans to individuals in communities of color with a goal of creating parity in new homeownership rates by the end of my administration’s first term, with an explicit focus on historically disinvested communities.

  • Ensure fair and equitable home appraisal standards in all communities, so that Black families are assessed the true value of their homes and other properties.

  • My administration will seek to eliminate predatory loans in the housing industry, which disproportionately affect Black homeowners. 


  • One side effect of Black homeownership being disproportionately low is that Black Marylanders make up a significant portion of the renter population in our state. This means that during periods of economic hardship when evictions spike, as they did with COVID, Black renters carry a disproportionate burden of the state’s housing insecurity. My administration will address this by:​​

    • Piloting an eviction diversion program that expands on the right to counsel for evictions, through which the state offers temporary rent payments directly to landlords for tenants who can prove a substantial and temporary loss of income.