7. Government Reform

  • Create an office for the Secretary of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, whose purview includes a far reaching review of existing state policies, and within the first year of my administration the Secretary will publicly issue a report outlining priority action items for the administration. 

  • Create a cabinet that reflects the demographics of Maryland, both racially and with special consideration to majority Black jurisdictions like Prince George's and Baltimore City. 


  • Embrace all aspects of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act in Maryland, and go further by ensuring ballot access via vote by mail ballots proactively mailed to every registered voter in the state, in addition to continuing to improve the early voting and election day ballot process with improvements such as better utilizing polling locations proximate to public transportation. 

  • In order to cut down on duress for populations that are often victimized by financial scams like fraudulent tax filings, I will introduce and champion legislation that requires the state to provide a proposed tax bill to taxpayers who have simple tax obligations. This will also eliminate the cost, time, and anxiety associated with filing personal income taxes.