The Honorable Peter Franchot has served as Maryland’s 33rd comptroller since 2007. First elected to his current post in 2006, Comptroller Franchot has been re-elected three times; most recently in 2018, during which he garnered more than 1.6 million votes – the highest number of votes cast for any candidate for state government office in Maryland history.


As Maryland’s chief fiscal officer, Comptroller Franchot is a tireless champion for working families and small businesses, and is a stalwart advocate for fiscal policies that strengthen our state’s economy. As chief executive officer of a 1,100-person state agency, Comptroller Franchot is focused on delivering respectful, responsive, and results-oriented taxpayer service, and the Maryland Comptroller’s Office, under his leadership, is considered one of the most effective and efficient Comptroller’s Office in the nation. 


Comptroller Franchot is also statutorily charged with executing other critical duties – including regulating alcohol, motor fuel, and tobacco and a seat on the Board of Public Works, which is comprised of the governor and state treasurer and is responsible for reviewing and approving billions of dollars in state contracts annually.


Prior to his election to statewide office, Mr. Franchot served twenty years in the House of Delegates, representing the residents of Montgomery County. Mr. Franchot served on the House Appropriations Committee and chaired its transportation and the environment subcommittee. Throughout his career, he has been a strong advocate for education, health care, transportation, and environmental protection initiatives.


Comptroller Franchot attended Amherst College and Northeastern School of Law. From 1968-1970, Comptroller Franchot served in the United States Army. He is married to Anne Maher, a lawyer, and they have two children: Abigail and Nick. They have three grandchildren. 

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