Comptroller Accepting Nominations for the 2013 William Donald Schaefer Helping People Award

Submitted by Team Franchot on May 1, 2013 - 3:00am.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (April 11, 2013) – Back for a second year, Comptroller Peter Franchot today announced his office is accepting nominations for the William Donald Schaefer Helping People Award. The Comptroller created the award, to recognize individuals and organizations in each county and Baltimore City best exemplifying Schaefer’s lifelong commitment to helping people.

Winners will be selected based on their demonstration of improving the community, swiftly solving a citizen problem through effective government intervention, directly aiding the most vulnerable in society or creating a public/private partnership to improve the lives of Marylanders.

“We received many nominations during the inaugural season so picking just one winner in each jurisdiction proved difficult. There are countless deserving organizations and individuals, who embody Schaefer’s lifelong drive to help people. It just made sense to accept nominations for a second year,” said Comptroller Franchot.

The Comptroller will personally present the award to each winner starting in May.
The nomination form, additional information and a list of past winners can be found on the Comptroller’s website, by clicking here. All nominations must be received by May 10, 2013.

MEDIA CONTACT: Christine Feldmann, 410-260-6346 (office)


By Authority: Friends of Peter Franchot, Tom Gentile, Treasurer
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