New Website:

Submitted by Team Franchot on July 13, 2009 - 2:53pm.

Today, Comptroller Peter Franchot unveiled the new and improved Check it out.

The new and improved site features a number of new features including a fiscal transparency section called “Maryland Money,” which highlights where taxpayer dollars are spent. Franchot commented on the new site:

In these economic times, it is important that taxpayers know where their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent and what they are getting in return for their investment in important programs.

Our Maryland Money initiative opens up the state’s books to all Marylanders. Few other states are as transparent in government spending.

The improved site also features an enhanced search engine, a newly designed media section and better access to key forms and tax information. A video greeting from the Comptroller is also available. Check it out at


I think that 4 years of tuition freeze for the state universities has been overly generous to the students and their families. It is time to shift some of that cost back to the families--most of whom can afford it. Certainly the State can offer increased financial aid to those who need it, but all of the taxpayers are paying to keep tuition lower than it needs to be.

By Authority: Friends of Peter Franchot, Tom Gentile, Treasurer
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